01   Zauberzeit
02   Der Traum vom Westen
03   Freya
04   Glück
05   Totenkopf
06   Löwenkind
07   Glaube
08   Auf dem blauen Planeten
09   Elixier
10   Die Welle
11   Bei mir
12   Die Melodie
13   Infinity of Space

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Space-greetings to friends, fans and family. I´m really happy that my new CD "Zauber-Zeit" has been released. It´s my first CD all in German language and I hope all those who don´t speek German will be able to enjoy it anyway as I also hope that those who do speak this special language will be able to like it to despite my "Swedish-German". I´m living with my Woman and daughter on the Island of Rügen in the Baltic Sea these days and continue to play streetmusic and paint in Binz.
Love and Light. Ulf